Marais en dehors des sentiers battus
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Green Venice

The boat in the Marais Poitevin is well known.

But have you ever tried an original Marais Poitevin adventure off the beaten track ?


Head to head with the Marais poitevin

Learn how to build a tipi, build a fire, carve wood… the whole art of bushcraft. A unique and friendly experience for all the family!

Bushcraft insolite au coeur du Maris poitevin
© S. Bonnet

Sail through words at the heart of a water maze – Experience #2

A magic experience, by night !

At nightfall, deep inside the marshes, climb into a boat for a poetic trip into legends and goblins. A unique experience to discover Green Venice a different way. By reservation only.

Croisière en bateau habitable au cœur du Marais poitevin
© S. Bonnet

Hiking with your new, four-legged friend. Experience no. 3

Exploring the Marais poitevin on a donkey

Choose from a 2- or 4-hour circuit, or even a 3-day hike. Visit the villages of the Marais, and pick your adventure. Your transport is waiting for you.

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Dinner for two by the waterside – Experience #4

In a place for daydreaming

Nestled on the Sèvre river bank, La Roussille gourmet restaurant is a unique and authentic place, which offers superb cuisine. Within walking distance from the Niort town centre, you will hear birdsong and the gentle sound of the water while your tastebuds are being amazed.

Restaurant la Roussille
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2 days roaming from port to port – Experience #5

Take a row-boat, canoe, bike, or set out on foot

Stay in the heart of the Marais. From a campsite jetty, there are hundreds of miles of canals to be explored. If you prefer hiking or biking, numerous routes are readily available. When you come back from walking or riding, you can dive into the swimming pool to soothe your swollen calves, or relax in your tent, trailer, or bungalow.

© Camping le Lidon

Take to the skies above the Marais Poitevin – Experience #6

in a hot-air balloon

From the air, the Marais Poitevin is a remarkable, breathtaking sight… A unique moment, where time stands still and the dream begins!

Montgolfière dans le marais poitevin
© Montgolfière Sensation

Eat with the birds in a peaceful setting – Experience #7

Deep inside the wild marsh

Surrounded by birds and lush vegetation, discover the “De la Graine à l’Assiette” restaurant in the “Les Oiseaux du Marais poitevin” bird park. Rediscover the flavours of traditional cuisine, using only fresh, local produce. Once there, enjoy a stroll through the park and a boat-ride in the Marais poitevin.

Repas maraîchin Locavor au milieu des oiseaux
© S. Bonnet

Try a treasure-hunt in Green Venice  – Experience #8

Follow the guide ! (or the GPS…)

Ideal for the whole family. Young and old alike will love exploring the Marais Poitevin off the beaten path !

The exploration will arouse everyone’s curiosity while providing information on the history and heritage of the marsh.

Tèrra Aventura au coeur du Marais poitevin
© Tèrra Aventura – Département

Become a photographer at the Bird Park –  Experience #9

Become an ace photographer in a exceptional setting

Come and improve your picture-taking skills in the heart of the wild marsh!

Share your passion with a professional, by capturing nature’s finest moments among the birds of the Marais poitevin.

Marais poitevin parc des oiseaux
© V. Pégoraro – Département

A boat ride at dawn or dusk – Experience #10

With a coffee please !

Some boating companies offer unusual rides at dawn, including breakfast. Wake up on the water !

Petit déjeuner au cœur du Marais poitevin
© S. Bonnet

Go on a canoe rally in the heart of Green Venice – Experience #11

A paper chase throught the marsh waterways for fun with friends or family

A number of boat companies invite you to discover Green Venice in a fun way. Check these offers :

Marais poitevin parc des oiseaux
© V. Pégoraro – Département

Schedule a guided tour – Experience #12

Gourmet guided bike tour

Enjoy a personalised cycling tour on a theme of the Marais Poitevin with an expert from the Venise Verte.

Petit déjeuner au cœur du Marais poitevin
© S. Bonnet

A personalised day out 100% Marais – Experience #13

According to your wishes

An independent guide and workshop, passionate about the Marais Poitevin, offers you a day off the beaten track, with souvenir photos included, whether by boat at sunrise, by bike, on foot or on a lively treasure hunt…

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