Val-du-Mignon : plusieurs communes au patrimoine riche

Cultural, Historical
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Place of passage between the plain of Aunis, the Marais poitevin and the sea, Usseau derives from Ussena meaning a hillock planted with vines. Attached to the canton of Mauzé-sur-le-Mignon, the commune is composed of 5 hamlets locally called "les écarts" : Antigny, Le Grand Breuil, Olbreuse, Le Plénisseau and Ussolière. Remains of several ancient sites have been revealed during the digging of trenches, gardening or ploughing. A former Huguenot center, Usseau is the birthplace of Eléonore Desmier, born in 1639 in Olbreuse. Through marriages, her descendants are present in seventeen European dynasties, hence her nickname of grandmother of Europe. In 2019, Usseau joins with Priaires and Thorigny-sur-le-Mignon to form the new commune of Val-du-Mignon and becomes its chief town.

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Val-du-Mignon : plusieurs communes au patrimoine riche - 79210 VAL-DU-MIGNON

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