Sur le pas du convieur - Vançais

Historical, Natural
Departure / Arrival : VANCAIS > VANCAIS
Distance : 13.6 km

Water is barely visible in this flat landscape. Yet careful observation reveals its presence and use. Place names reveal its presence and use. Marchais Noir" (near La Baronnière) and "Marchais Chauvin" (near Teillé) refer to marshes, a landscape at the bottom of a valley.

Parking and start between the temple and the church, in the center of Vançais.

Initiated in the 2000s, the walks and discoveries are now managed by the Mellois en Poitou community of communes, in collaboration with the local communes. To date, there are 50 of these itineraries, ranging from 1 to 16 km, enabling families, cyclists and experienced walkers to explore the region and discover its many facets (landscapes, small-scale heritage, etc.).

Sur le pas du convieur - Vançais - 79120 VANCAIS

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