Sentier de découverte de "la biodiversité ordinaire"

Departure / Arrival : ARDIN > ARDIN
Distance : 2.5 km
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Wild fauna and flora are part of our local heritage. Called "ordinary biodiversity", these species are often ignored or poorly known by the inhabitants, young and old, who are not familiar with them. This discovery trail is punctuated by panels designed by the Fédération Départementale des Chasseurs and set up in partnership with the commune.
Each panel presents an animal or plant species of the Deux-Sèvres. For the plants: flowers, fruits and leaves, but also the use made of them by Man or animals are presented. These "plant kingdom" panels are positioned near the plants they describe.
The panels of the "animal kingdom" present the description of the animal, its habits, its diet and its reproduction, as well as the footprints and the signs of presence, which allow to detect their passage.

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Sentier de découverte de "la biodiversité ordinaire" Rue de Vrigne aux Bois - 79160 ARDIN

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