Sansais-La Garette - Sur les pas d'Henri IV

Cultural, Historical
Departure / Arrival : LA GARETTE > LA GARETTE
Distance : 12.5 km
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  • Sansais-La Garette - Sur les pas d'Henri IV

At the heart of the Marais, green country road and water-Sansais Garette offering real historical treasures, architectural and natural, where water and land are intertwined. You will discover during this tour: - the two important centers of the municipality, Sansais and Garette; Sansais, the remains of its castle, its church and its school hall; Garette, the street of restored Engraved within the great works of the Marais Poitevin in 1995 - the variety of wildlife; the Marais Poitevin, built since the Middle Ages, is one of the richest wetlands of the Atlantic seaboard - bridges and gateways, testimony of the organization of wet marsh, once only passable by boat. Access: 8 km west of Niort by the N11, then the D3 Parking: La Maison du Cheval Departure: Port Jaguin to Garette Markings: yellow. Photo credit: "Aerial view of the village street Garette" (Daniel Mar).

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Sansais-La Garette - Sur les pas d'Henri IV - 79270 SANSAIS

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