Niort, de la Sèvre à la Brèche

Cultural, Historical
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Distance : 5 km
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Downtown sixty thousand inhabitants, Niort tells nine centuries of history. Its historic heart bathed by the Sevre river instead of the Breach, the city reveals a rich heritage including the imposing tower built by Henry II, King of England. This agglomeration heart now beats to the rhythm of its many festive events animating its downtown and its neighborhoods. From its hills, overlooking the unique landscape Niort Marais Poitevin and opens doors. Capital of the mutual economy, it affirms its urban character as a natural by reclaiming the banks of the river and the preservation of biological and cultural diversity of the city. --- From the Sevre in the Breach, twin towers in Niortais space of the XXI century through the "Pillory" Renaissance, discover the history, monuments and figures of Niort, the Middle Ages to the present day, browsing a loop of more than 5 km.

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Niort, de la Sèvre à la Brèche - 79000 NIORT

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