Mauzé - Au fil du Mignon

Distance : 7 km
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  • Mauzé - Au fil du Mignon

Discover Mauzé on one of the paths that lead from Poitou to the ocean. "Mauziacum", which means "placed in the middle of the waters", has always been an important point of passage. Access: by the RN11. Departure: port of Mauzé. Distance: 7 km. Duration: 2h. Tagging: yellow. Have a good hike and do not forget that you are not alone on the trails that you will go through. We invite you to respect the nature: avoid picking flowers and plants, leave no rubbish behind you, respect the inhabited places, stay on the trails, keep dogs on a leash.

  • Pets welcome
Mauzé - Au fil du Mignon - 79210 MAUZE-SUR-LE-MIGNON

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