Magné/Coulon - Sèvre et légendes

Cultural, Natural
Departure / Arrival : MAGNE > MAGNE
Distance : 12 km
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  • Magné/Coulon - Sèvre et légendes

Sandwiched between the Sevre and the arm of Sevreau surrounded by marshes, Magne remains an island connected to neighboring municipalities by five bridges built in the last century. Access: 7 km west of Niort. Departure: pl. of the Church towards the drawbridge, to the fountain. Distance: 12 km. Duration: 3 hours. Markings: yellow. Good hiking and remember that you are not alone to use the trails you'll go. We invite you to respect nature: do not pick the flowers and plants, do not leave any litter behind you, stick populated places, stay on the trails, keep dogs on a leash. Photo: "The St. Macrina Chapel Magne" (old postcard, N. Alix, Niort).

  • Pets welcome
Magné/Coulon - Sèvre et légendes - 79460 MAGNE

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