La Vélo Bressuiraise

Departure / Arrival : BRESSUIRE - GARE > BRESSUIRE - GARE
Distance : 85 km
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The Vélo Bressuiraise, a new mountain bike route set up by the City of Bressuire in partnership with Motivés Tout Terrain and Team Têtes Raids, links Bressuire and its 8 delegated communes to each other.

The long loop, starting from Bressuire station, takes in the Bellilocé hills, the Tervaise greenway, the Noirterre wind turbines... to discover the richness of Bressuire's landscapes. The 85 km route is demanding and recommended for mountain bikers.

In the course of 2024, 7 new loops around each commune will be added.

Departure point: Bressuire train station
Arrival point: Bressuire train station
Duration: 5 to 6 hours
Difference in altitude: 812 D+

  • Pets welcome
La Vélo Bressuiraise Boulevard Georges Clemenceau - 79300 BRESSUIRE

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