Balade patrimoine d'exception

Cultural, Historical
Distance : 2.05 km
  • 79160-colulonges sur l autize - chateau renaissance - cote jardin
  • Coulonges 6 juin 2019 (10)
  • Halles de coulonges 2019 entrée

The small town of Coulonges-sur-L'Autize has undergone three major phases of development during its history. In the Middle Ages, the settlement gathered around the church of Saint-Etienne. The medieval nucleus, now a little out of place, is characterized by winding streets where a few houses show signs of age. A second period of urbanization began in the 16th century with the construction of a vast castle, built around a large quadrangular square. Finally, the 19th century ushered in a new period of prosperity and growth. This economic boom, linked to the exploitation of lime kilns, resulted in the construction of major roads, the installation of the railway, the building of market halls and a wealthy housing.

Balade patrimoine d'exception Rue de la Rampe - 79160 COULONGES-SUR-L'AUTIZE

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