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Getaway on the water

We found the perfect place to spend time with friends or family, in the heart of Deux- Sèvres. There are so many activities: bike rides, lakes for swimming and water sports, Tèrra Aventura geocaching and canoeing. The Domaine Moulin la Place offers magnificent accommodation, with table football, billiards, a swimming pool, and a jacuzzi…

  • Découvrir la vallée de l’Autize à vélo
  • Une partie de géocaching
  • Un lieu d’exception : le Puits d’Enfer
  • Tester le téléski nautique
  • Traversée en tyrolienne au dessus de l’eau

IDÉAL POUR Ceux qui aiment nager et les activités nautiques.


1ST DAY | BRreak in the countryside in Deux-Sèvres!

Just like every year, the first weekend in July, we went as a group of 4 couples for a break in the countryside in Deux-Sèvres. On the first day, we decided what we wanted to do, and we split into two groups. One chose a balade à vélo au départ de Coulonges-sur-l’Autize (la Vallée de l’Autize – 42 km) and the othe, a hike around the charming village of Augé (2 routes possible: 6 or 13 km; we chose the longer option). We all met up for a picnic by the Prieuré Saint-Martin lake in Verruyes.
We could sunbathe on the sand, swim, or take out a canoe or pedalo. We dropped our bags off in the gite at the Domaine Moulin de la Placeaccommodation full of character in a mill, towards Saint-Maixent-l’École. With a delightful stroll through the town, particularly on the banks of the Sèvre, and dinner at l’Atelier (fun and delicious), the evening was a success. We finished it off with some table football and pool for some, and the jacuzzi and swimming pool for the others.


Day 01


2ND DAY | A hellish treasure hunt!

We took advantage of the canoes provided by the gite for a little ride along the Niort Sèvre. After some rather hesitant zigzagging at first, we soon got into a cruising rhythm, which meant we could appreciate the peaceful landscapes. Greg, still connected to his smartphone, had downloaded the Tèrra Aventura geocaching app. We all agreed on a treasure hunt with the “Devil’s whirl pool”. A moment of madness that allowed us to discover the Puits d’Enfer or Hell’s Wells. You do need appropriate footwear because it is a bit steep, but it can be accessed by all, even Sunday walkers (like us), and it is incredible! A real paradise, even though, in early July the waterfall is not as powerful as in spring or autumn. Our trip finished at the Cherveux lake with a picnicstand-up paddle and an introduction to wakeboard attached to a cable. Just like every year, we left Deux-Sèvres feeling happy, with our batteries recharged.


Day 02




It probably has its roots around the year 1000 CE. One Sunday morning, before mass, a peasant from Exireuil passed a field that he had cut the day before. The grass was beautiful and very dry. There was enough to feed his animals and still have some to sell. But a storm was gathering on the horizon. If the grass got wet, all his work would be wasted. Preferring to save his harvest rather than go to mass, he hurriedly returned to his stable and harnessed his oxen to bring in the hay. To go from his farm to the field, he had to cross the Puits d’Enfer stream. The outward journey went very well, but on the way back, one of the oxen slipped and dragged down the cart, the harvest and the brave peasant. He had chosen his own gain over his religious obligations and no-one ever saw him again. This legend still hangs over the site today.


Have fun in Deux-Sèvres !