Spectacle – Thomas Angelvy

8 November

Stand up - Thomas Angelvy.

The truth is, to convince you to come, I could tell you that I'm too funny, that I'm incredibly spontaneous, or even that I make Oreo tiramisu like no one else!
But the truth is, I'm pretty sure you only believe what you see.
So why don't you meet me on stage and see for yourself?
Except for the tiramisu; then I'll have to invite you to my place, and that... doesn't suit me.
After that, you're probably wondering what I'm holding in my hands in the photo, and I'll tell you all about it when you get up in front of me.
I just want you to know that when faced with a VHS tape like this, it's best that certain evidence of my past be erased
evidence of my past to be erased...

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Event dates

  • The 8 November 2024at 20:00
Spectacle – Thomas Angelvy Bocapole Espace Bocapole - 79300 BRESSUIRE

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