Le Festival du Nombril- La Flemme Olymplouc !

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15 August to 17 August
  • Le Festival du Nombril- La Flemme Olymplouc !

Let?s face it, this year 2024 will be marked by two international events of the utmost importance: the Olympic Games and the Festival du Nombril!

It's amazing how these two events share so many curious similarities: global stars, prestige, games, performances and records of all kinds?

The Festival du Nombril, however, is free from the spirit of competition and a supporter of whimsical, facetious universes, with its original message of "the important thing is to take part". Whether you fail or are an eternal loser, you'll be the winner!

And in Pougne-Hérisson, 300 rednecks, proud of their village and their Gâtine territory, will generously welcome you to a natural setting where life is good, and where you can enjoy the arts of the spoken word and idleness.



Choir singing, Tale, Dance

Event dates

  • From 15 August 2024 to 17 August 2024
Le Festival du Nombril- La Flemme Olymplouc ! Le Nombril du Monde 7 rue des Merveilles - 79130 POUGNE-HERISSON

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