Terrier du Fouilloux

The Terrier du Fouilloux is nothing less than the highest point of Poitou (departments of Deux-Sèvres and Vienne) at a surreal height of 272 meters, the starting point of the Auxance, a small river with a length of 61.6 km.

This source of the Auxance, barely 200 meters from the Terrier du Fouilloux, would be completely unnoticed if several signs did not lead us there. Once the wooden gate is crossed, we discover it, a bit ridiculous but which will however contribute to feed the Loire... "The small brooks make the big rivers" as one says so well!

Tributary of the Clain and sub-tributary of the Loire, it crosses the departments of Deux-Sèvres and Vienne.

According to the legend, it would have been created by an ox which, with a blow of its horn, at the request of Saint Martin, would have made the water gush out.



  • Picnic area
Terrier du Fouilloux Le Grand-Fouilloux - 79420 SAINT-MARTIN-DU-FOUILLOUX

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