Tèrra Aventura "On ira tous en Acadie" à Augé

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Tèrra Aventura: the treasure hunt 2.0, free, family-friendly and accessible all year round! Download the application and access over 500 routes in New Aquitaine.
Follow your route, answer the riddles and discover the location of the cache with the themed poi'z badge as treasure. In total, there are more than thirty poi'z, colourful characters to collect!

Zéchopp invites you to wander through the flowery streets of the village of Augé. In his company, follow in the footsteps of the Poitevin pioneers who left to populate Canada in the 17th century and discover the history of trade between the two continents. Beware of this trickster.
Length: 1.5 km - Duration: 1 hour



  • Picnic area
  • Bar / refreshments
  • Parking
  • Refreshment area


  • Terra Aventura
Tèrra Aventura "On ira tous en Acadie" à Augé Place de la Mairie - 79400 AUGE

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