Stèle dite "Fosse aux morts"

Stone of the dead and black stone:

The end of the 18th century is marked by a tragic event. On June 23rd 1793, royalists were massacred at Le Busseau during the Vendée wars. Republican troops attack a Vendée camp stationed on the Busseau territory
200 men died and were buried there. This place, located on the current road to Marillet, has since been called "La Fosse aux morts" (The Pit of the Dead). A stele has been erected there as a reminder of the massacre
On the Place du Busseau stands another trace of an even more distant past. Since 1960, the Black Stone has found its place there. This large rock dates back to the Celtic period. It would have served as an altar of sacrifice. A trace of the distant past of this territory that I invite you to discover.

Stèle dite "Fosse aux morts" Route de Marillet - 79240 LE BUSSEAU

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