"Souvenir d'une plage, mythologie d'un possible littoral"

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Contemporary works come to the banks of the Thouet. Conceived by the artist Corène Caubel as part of a public commission from the Ministry of Culture, they form a route along this tributary of the Loire and create a resonance with the landscape in which they are set, inviting the visitor to explore it."Les cabines de plage des remparts", take place on the esplanade of the Château de Thouars, "La pêcherie de vignes" near the Cabane de Vignes in Saint-Jean de Thouars and "Le Phare des Sablons" on the hillside of the petits Sablons in Saint-Jacques de Thouars.

"Souvenir d'une plage, mythologie d'un possible littoral" 5 Av des Martyrs de la Resistance - 79100 THOUARS

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