Rivière souterraine de la Roche

Underground river circuit 4.3 km long, accessible via the Chiloup well at La Chapelle Bâton with abseiling and exit at Lavoir de la Roche in ST-CHRISTOPHE-SUR-ROC. It was discovered in 1975. This river is located in a triangle: ST-CHRISTOPHE-SUR-ROC/LA CHAPELLE BATON/SAINT PROJET and is fed on the one hand by rainwater infiltrating the limestone layers and on the other hand by runoff water flowing into the chasms. In summer, most of these chasms look like dry sinkholes. In winter, however, their extensive sealing often transforms them into ponds or bodies of water
Comfortable sportswear with (old) boots or sneakers + a change of full gear.

News 2019 : contact the Departmental Caving Committee Mr Olivier COLLON at 06 85 11 44 00 for access authorisations.

Rivière souterraine de la Roche Lavoir de la Roche - 79220 SAINT-CHRISTOPHE-SUR-ROC

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