Rivière souterraine de Champdeniers

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Twenty kilometers north of Niort, on the border between the Niort plain and the Gâtine, stands a mound where the village of CHAMPDENIERS is built. This hillock is limited to the South by the Egray valley and to the North-West by another valley crossed by a stream called the Gâchet. It is at the place called "La Chauvinière" that this brook sees its course interrupted by the loss of its water in the cracks of the limestone hillock, to reappear on the other side, some two kilometers away, at the South-South-East foot of the hillside of CHAMPDENIERS, at the "Grande Fontaine". From there, it continues its course in the Egray valley. The penetration of the network can, until now, only be done from this resurgence
Written agreement between the commune of CHAMPDENIERS, owner of the access to the river, and the CDS 79
For each outing: access authorization to be requested from Mr. R. GAILLARD

Rivière souterraine de Champdeniers rue des Tanneries - 79220 CHAMPDENIERS

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