Réserve Naturelle Nationale du Toarcien

The Toarcien National Nature Reserve ensures the conservation of two former open quarries located on the right bank of the Thouet. These quarries are of fundamental historical interest since they are located near the place where, in 1849, the paleontologist Alcide d'Orbigny defined the type-cut or stratotype of a stage of the Jurassic system: the Toarcian (derives from the Latin name of the city of Thouars: Toarcium), between -183 and -176 million years ago. The site visit is subject to authorization, issued by the Geological Interpretation Center of Thouarsais. Website of the "Man and the Stone" network (wwww.lhommeetlapierre.com). Site closed to visit during the Christmas holidays. Guided tours on reservation (from 1 € 50 to 4 €)



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Réserve Naturelle Nationale du Toarcien Route de Pompois - 79100 SAINTE-VERGE

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