Produits régionaux on our site, you first discover an online sales site of regional specialties. Heading "appetizers", you will find: the hip, the coucougnette, pee ass, drink cherry, strawberry drink, drink swamp, angelica liquor, caramel delight, salted caramel flower, Williams pear cognac, not forgetting the Troussepinette, Pineau des Charentes, cognac, and kamok Sève Bonfire. In "confectionery", you will find mogettes candy, cherry orchards, crispy caramel, butterscotch Echiré, candied angelica, jam, compote. In "salted", there is the pate and rillettes Coon, stuffed Poitevin, snails, the Escargotine the mogette cooked, eel terrine, terrine snail, frog leg terrine, the terrine and fish soup. Online sale secure payment.

Produits régionaux 13 rue de l'Eglise - 79510 COULON

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