Port de Saint-Georges-de-Rex

  • Le port de Saint-Georges-de-Rex

The port of Saint-Georges-de-Rex is not the only one to have been built on the edge of a hillside. The harbour and its canal (the rigole de Rimonboeuf) which were dug out in the limestone between 1850 and 1870 in order to bring the mooring stage closer to the village and the little market town closer to the 150 hectares of marshes, are linked to the canal of Chail and the Grande Rigole of La Garette, towards Coulon, Marans or Niort. It is composed of a paved mooring stage with a gentle slope, quays in cut stone with two access points and a high stone spillway which helps to keep water in the harbour. The natural harbour has been restored as part of the Great Works of the Marais Poitevin.

Port de Saint-Georges-de-Rex - 79210 SAINT-GEORGES-DE-REX

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