Pont Romain

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It crosses the Chambon stream near the hamlet of Valette. Roman bridge or Romanesque bridge? What we can say with certainty is that it is very old and that it replaced a ford on the Gallic path called "Chemin Chevaleret" linking Poitiers to the sea.
This road, still recognizable, was improved by the Romans and used until the beginning of the 18th century to go to fairs and drive cattle there.

This bridge is made up of three arches and is located between Bedane and Valette.
If you have a moment, do not hesitate to discover or rediscover the "Roman Bridge", you will spend a quiet moment there, walking and relaxing. Located on a hiking circuit, it is also a picnic spot and a fishing spot.

Pont Romain Pont Romain - 79400 AZAY-LE-BRULE

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