Pigeonnier de Pouzay

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Pigeonnier de Pouzay with in its center an oak classified among the 250 remarkable trees of France.
Privilege seigneurial abolished at the Revolution, the dovecote on foot or fled is a building either round or square. This dovecote has 2,700 niches or "boulins" and could at the time house about 5,000 pigeons. This intensive breeding also produced a much sought-after fertilizer called "colombine". A sharply protruding cornice prevented rats and weasels from climbing up the walls to enter the building through one of the dormer windows. A vertical ladder, suspended from gallows attached to a central mast that swivelled at its base, provided access to the nests. Over time, an oak tree replaced the original roof to give it an unusual silhouette. Of the 5 dovecotes in the commune of Béceleuf, 4 are still standing, including the one in Pouzay which is the only one accessible.

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Pigeonnier de Pouzay Place Rene Cassin - 79160 BECELEUF

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