Pêche - Boutonne et Dive du sud

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The Boutonne and its main tributaries, the Belle, Berlande and Béronne, are classified as 1st category. Close to its sources, it is easy to recognize the salmonid zone, home to a population of wild trout and numerous species typical of the 1 ère catégorie.
The Dive du Sud is a tributary of the Clain and therefore part of the Vienne basin. Located in the
The south-east of the department, this 2 nd category river is home to numerous cyprinids, but also
populations of perch, pike and Louisiana crayfish.

Contact details for the various AAPPMAs managing fishing rights in this area and their Presidents are available in pdf.

Pêche - Boutonne et Dive du sud - 79110 CHEF-BOUTONNE

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