Parc de la Mignauderie

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The Mignauderie Park is spread out from the river to a community center. It is a 19th-century English-style landscape and botanical garden. The visitor will discover a rehabilitated orchard. A shady walk traverses and provides the population with a site for relaxation and strolling, with a fine view of the Mauléon. The consequential relief, the marshlands and the river are embellished by exuberant greenery. Mignaudière is one of the richest public parks in Poitou-Charentes with more than 400 trees and bushes: smooth-leaved elms (a rare homegrown species), Portuguese laurels, Osage orange trees, Persian parrotias, etc.). To be discovered!

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Parc de la Mignauderie rue du Chapetit et rue de la Bachelette - 79700 MAULEON

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