Miss Tarlatane

A childish and poetic universe declined on multiple supports.
The little world of Miss Tarlatane is a universe to discover, where the moon, imaginary trees, stars and the ladies of childhood rub shoulders... Sewing and hand-painted pieces. A bit of poetry, innocence, color, joy, mix...
Young designer of 25 years old launched in this adventure a few years ago, after having followed courses of stylism in Paris and an apprenticeship of stylism-modelling.
Inhabited by this passion since she was a little girl, having bathed in the world of sewing and drawing, she took art classes for 8 years, which allowed her to navigate through colors, shapes and materials.
Her motto could be this sentence from Saint-Exupéry: "Make your life a dream and a dream a reality".

Miss Tarlatane 4 Rue de Montgazon - 79200 PARTHENAY

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  • Distance de la vélo Francette : 2 km