Maisons de vigne

  • Une maison de vigne
  • Un carré de vigne à La Foye-Monjault
  • NEGRETTE--Fiefs-viticoles---La-Foye-Monjault-

Swamp manure was used as fertilizer for the Foye-Monjault vineyard before the phylloxera crisis.
The vineyards were sometimes far from the houses. The maintenance of the vineyard required many days of work with a large staff and equipment. It was therefore convenient to be able to eat on the spot, or even to cook there, hence the construction of houses called "canteens" at first summarily furnished, then more comfortable (stone fireplace, cellar with stone staircase, cistern, sundial on the facade).
Some were restored in the early 2000s.

Maisons de vigne Sortie du bourg, en direction de Niort - 79360 LA FOYE-MONJAULT

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