Magné et son Festival international de peinture

Magné, from the Latin "Magnus" meaning great, is the old name of a rich Roman family located on an island of the Gulf of Pictons. Bordered by the Sèvre Niortaise and the Sevreau, the village threw over the waterways 4 bridges of which the most characteristic is the bridge-metallic levis, witness of the golden age of the river trade in the XIXth century. This traffic allowed to export pottery, old local industry fed by the bri marine, clay of the marsh. The heart of magné is organized around its church and the municipality has long valued its river heritage. Every year, on the 3rd weekend of July, the International Painting Festival is held on the banks of Sèvre.

To see: Espace Culturel du Four Pontet (exhibition venue), metallic drawbridge (1901), Ste-Catherine church, Ste-Macrine chapel, Marais Pin site and Heritage trail "From port to port".



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Magné et son Festival international de peinture - 79460 MAGNE

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