L’Homme de Bessines

  • L'un des hommes verts de Bessines

Fabrice Hyber(t) is the author in 1989 of "L'Homme de Bessines". These little green men of 86 cm high installed on the water network of the commune, fountains spitting water through all the bodily orifices, respond to a public order for urban furniture and reflect the close link between the market garden and the Marais Poitevin.
This internationally renowned artist living in Paris also made in 1991 the world’s largest soap registered in the Guiness des records (22 tons cast in a truck dump). In 1995, he transformed the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris into "Hybermarché" and set up a professional hair salon at the Centre Georges Pompidou on the occasion of the 1996 Feminine/Masculine exhibition.

L’Homme de Bessines En divers lieux - 79000 BESSINES

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