Le Domaine de Soulièvres (Airvault)

The site boasts 15 hectares of meadows and woods along the Thouet, ideal for relaxing and strolling. Picnics and games available. Every year, the meadow plays host to summer festivals and year-round events. Whether you're on your own, with family or friends, you can take an orienteering course through the meadow, by bike or on foot. Terminals are available to the public. You can obtain the information sheets for these routes from the Airvault Town Hall or the Airvaudais-Val du Thouet Tourist Office, in the Airvault and Saint-Loup-sur-Thouet branches, or by e-mail request: tourisme-avt@cc-avt.fr. It's the starting point for a treasure hunt of just a few kilometers to discover the region, with the free "Terra Aventura" application - over 600 routes exist in New Aquitaine!

Le Domaine de Soulièvres (Airvault) Soulievres - 79600 AIRVAULT

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