Le bélier hydraulique

The hydraulic ram:

Main theme of the site and description: The hydraulic ram is a device invented by Montgolfier in 1796 to raise part of the flow of a waterfall to a height greater than the height of the fall. The installation in the Parc de la Ménardière is a ram built by André LEBOEUF, a member of the Bollée du Mans family. It was built and installed around 1877.
It was used to bring water to the Château de la Ménardière in a cistern located in the attic. Its power allowed it to send water at a distance of 170 meters, i.e. the distance separating the ram from the castle and with a difference in height of 23.30 meters. It was last used at the castle in 1948.

Le bélier hydraulique Place des Marronniers - 79310 MAZIERES-EN-GATINE

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