La Rochenard et son château d'eau observatoire

His name certainly appeared between IXè and Xè s. at a time when one settles on the heights for defensive reasons and his founder was named Enard. In the heart of a limestone plain, its habitat is grouped around its water tower, now a tourist observatory. Its main thriving activity is the vineyard. In 1881, phylloxera forced the winegrowers to become involved in breeding, then in mixed farming. After the Second World War, La Rochénard was one of the first cities to be electrified, to set up a mobile laundromat and to found a retirement home for the workers. In the 1950s, two farms in the valley began to cultivate lavender, the essential oils of which, produced in a travelling still, were delivered to a Midi perfumer.

See also: St-Laurent church, old wine houses and old well.



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La Rochenard et son château d'eau observatoire - 79270 LA ROCHENARD

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