La Croix de cimetière

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Town centre :

The Cemetery Cross inscribed on the historical monuments : (cross hosannière), of XIIe century, presents a cylindrical shaft of 9 m which decorates a circle of diamond. It rests on a cubic pedestal of about 2 m. In the 17th century, the lower part of the cross was fitted with a console and a niche, long since emptied of its statue.
The Fountain of the Parish Priest: opposite the old dairy, is the stone dome of a fountain that would have been built in the Middle Ages by monks

The Trees of Liberty: the lime tree near the old post office was called the "Tree of Liberty" by those who planted it on May 5, 1989, to celebrate the centenary of the opening of the Etats Généraux, which was the prelude to the French Revolution. On the occasion of the bicentenary of the Revolution, another lime tree was planted on 14 July 1989 in the presence of the population of the commune.

La Croix de cimetière 5 Rue de la Croix - 79220 SAINT-CHRISTOPHE-SUR-ROC

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