La Chapelle du Genêt

Rectangular plan construction, made of limestone, simple and uncluttered, with a small bell tower without bell placed in the front. The interior is panelled and houses several 18th and 19th century tombstones, some of which are emblazoned. In addition to the tomb of François Allard, there is also that of Armand Bouchet de L'Ingremière, who died in 1820, knight of Saint Louis, brigadier of the Musketeers, inspector of the Poitou stud farms, that of Charlotte Bouchet, that of Rosalie Charlotte Merland, wife of Pierre Jean Baptiste Bouchet, and that of a little girl who died in 1744.

La Chapelle du Genêt Lieu-dit Le Genêt - 79130 ALLONNE

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