Habitat traditionnel maraîchin

  • Le village-rue de la Garette à Sansais
  • L'habitat traditionnel maraîchin en bord de conche

The majority of the houses are from the 2nd Empire, when the wet marsh was drained, wooded, cultivated and pacaged. The farm, known as the “hut”, spreads out over a clod, either lengthwise and parallel to the canal or between the street and the water road.
Rural architecture is linked to local geology. Comprised under the same roof covered with "boot rods" (Roman tiles), the building is divided into roughly equal parts. The farm house made of exposed limestone consists of a stable accessible from the dwelling and surmounted by a fenil (open volume for storing hay and wheat and drying beans), then a large hangar named balet on the sides closed by a veneer in poplar planks and supported by two stone pillars of square base and of a height of 7-8 m. each (place of storage of the tools).

Habitat traditionnel maraîchin - 79510 COULON

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