Granzay, first mentioned in 1218, was mostly planted in vines before the appearance of phylloxera. His seigneury was part of the Frontenay castle. Mentioned in the censif of Chizé in 1250, Gript is in 1716 a village of 4 or 5 rustic hostels welcoming travelers passing through the main road. The two municipalities merged in 1972. 10 years later, is constructed a sundial, the only example of gnomonic realization undertaken on such a large scale for the contemporary period (170 tons, 17.30 m. of development on the ground and 5.25 m. high). Its situation allows a direct reading of the projected shadow. Thanks to its imposing size, a simple sight along the needles helps locate the North Star.

Also to see: St-Vaize church, St-Aubin church, Griffier castle, bread oven and discovery trails.

Granzay-Gript - 79360 GRANZAY-GRIPT

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