• L'église Saint-Médard à Germond

In 1003, the Count of Poitou bequeathed to the monks of St-Cyprien de Poitiers the land of Germundum. In return, they were asked to build a fortified village. The Gallic oppidum of the Mothes, located on the ancient road coming from Poitiers, named Chemin Chevaleret in the Middle Ages, is transformed into a fortress. This construction will be ephemeral, there are only representations left, but it plays a major role in the conflict between the lord of Parthenay and his lord for nearly a century. In 1896, a chapel was reconstructed in place of the ruined church, which is now the place of temporary exhibitions, in the 15th century. In 1896, a chapel was rebuilt near the Saint-Aubin spring. It was only in 1972 that the two villages, with their tumultuous past, united their destiny.

Germond-Rouvre - 79220 GERMOND-ROUVRE

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