Four à chaux

  • Four-a-chaux

This is an exceptional site, which demonstrates an important industrial activity of the city of Airvault at the beginning of the 20th century: the production of lime. Like a dozen similar installations in the area, the lime kiln of La Fuye was established in 1870 to meet the need to improve the neighbouring "spoiled land". Leaning against the limestone cliff that provides the raw material, the building still offers, on 20 meters high, the impressive facade of its kiln with three levels of access: the upper throat for the filling, the median gallery for the supply of fuel, the two doors of defournement down. A powerful buttress rests against the façade and the top of the furnace can be reached by a path that goes around it on the east side, a path that was also used by the coal wagons. The site is private.

Four à chaux Rue de la Fuye - 79600 AIRVAULT

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