Forêt domaniale de Secondigny

Towering at an altitude of almost 250 metres, the state-owned forest covers 430 hectares.

A botanical trail in the heart of the forest, starting from the Maison forestière parking lot, presents the main tree species, undergrowth shrubs and plants, harvesting techniques and soil evolution.

Before the French Revolution, the most beautiful trees were used by the Royal Navy to make sailboat masts. Transported by wagon to Coulon, they followed the canals of the Marais Poitevin to La Rochelle, before reaching the Rochefort arsenal by sea.

Charcoal makers, lumberjacks, clog makers and lath splitters (for fences or barrel staves) exploited the forest, which belonged to the Comte d'Artois before the French Revolution.

New for 2024, Secondigny was awarded the "Station Verte" label on February 09.

Forêt domaniale de Secondigny - 79130 SECONDIGNY

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