Eglise Saint-Pierre de FENIOUX XIIème siècle

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Saint Peter's Church of FENIOUX XIIth century

At the beginning of the 12th century, the Auvergne monks of La Chaise-Dieu began to build the church of Saint-Pierre de FENIOUX, on the site of an old sanctuary. With walls one and a half meters wide, it is built on the rock, without foundations, in granite and limestone. An octagonal bell tower is pierced with narrow bays framed by columns with capitals and round arches. It shelters two clichés: Maria Theresa (520 kg) and Albine-Berthe (716 kg). This monument was classified as a historical monument in 1888.

Eglise Saint-Pierre de FENIOUX XIIème siècle Place de l'Église - 79160 FENIOUX

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