Eglise Saint-Pierre

  • eglise-st-pierre-allonne

The monks of the Abbey of Parthenay built the church of Saint-Pierre in the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries.

It is in Romanesque and Angevin style and it is worth noting that the walls of the Romanesque nave were raised to create a parapet walk with loopholes to make the church a real fortification that allowed the inhabitants to take refuge there in case of need.
On the north façade of the church, between two buttresses, there is a door of the dead, a distinctive sign of a cemetery around the church.
Unjustly, the church of Saint-Pierre d'Allonne has long been ignored, yet it is a very interesting building because very little has been restored or modified as it was at the end of the medieval era.
Registered on the list on 26th May 1986, the church was classified as a Historic Monument in 1990 with the exception of the sacristy built in the 19th century.

Eglise Saint-Pierre 4 Rue des Genêts - 79130 ALLONNE

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