Eglise Saint-Martin

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The church of St. Martin dates back to the 11th century with construction beginning around 1030-1050. The church was enlarged, transformed, restored and modified until the 15th century. In the 19th century the fortifications of the bell tower dating from the 100-year war were removed. The baptistery dates from the 1960s. The church, by its shape, its hold and its proportions is remarkable. The church is built mainly in granite from the Aubiers with some parts in white limestone not coming from the region. An abundance of painted plaster statuary from the 19th century testifies to the religious devotion of this period. The oldest stained glass windows date from the 19th century, the most recent ones are from the 1960s.

Eglise Saint-Martin 8 bis Rue de la Mairie - 79330 GLENAY

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