Eglise Saint-Martin

The Romanesque church of Saint-Martin was rebuilt in the 19th century, but it still has its late medieval bell tower, made mostly of tufa stone. The presbytery still has an original "wheel" well. The cemetery was moved, along with its cross hosannière, in the seventies. A large shaded square has replaced them. Near the church, under the porch of Saint-Martin, is the Armoire à lire, à jouer, à rêver. The principle: I deposit, I borrow, I read, I play, I look, I return. The wardrobe is based on civic-mindedness and sharing, take care of it, it's yours! Every month, the association organizes a workshop related to books, writing, games... Free of charge and for all ages, come in great numbers, it's an opportunity to meet our neighbors.

Eglise Saint-Martin 2 Place Saint Martin - 79600 ASSAIS-LES-JUMEAUX

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