Eglise Saint-Benoît

  • Eglise Saint-Benoît

Built by the architect Alcide Boutaud in the 19th century, the church of Saint-Benoît was inspired by Romanesque buildings, particularly with the persistence of the bell-tower-porch. With an elongated plan, it is composed of a choir with cut-off sides and a nave covered with crossed ribs. Only the lower part of the bell-tower-porch remains of the old building, the foundations of the walls and the broken arch of the north chapel resting on carved bases of very frusty human figures. A few fragments of starting vaults and pillars with prismatic ribs date it from the 15th century. Inside, a granite funerary slab carved with a cross and a sword can be seen in the pavement.

Eglise Saint-Benoît - 79450 FENERY

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