Croix Hosannière de cimetière

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Built in the 12th century, like the church, the Cross of the old cemetery is the work of the monks of Talmont. Classified as a historical monument in 1890, it is one of the most beautiful and highest in the department (12 m) including the circular step on which it stands.

Composed of four semi-engaged columns in granite of the country, it ends in a cross set in a circle which distinguishes it from the lanterns of the dead as it still exists in cemeteries of Poitou-Charentes, at the top of which, one hoisted at night on certain dates, a torch or a lamp to recall the memory of the dead or to guide lost pilgrims...

Croix Hosannière means "to receive crowns of hosanna, i.e. crowns of sacred boxwood". One went in procession at the foot of this monument on Palm Sunday, Corpus Christi or on August 15th.

Croix Hosannière de cimetière 12 Place des Marronniers - 79200 LA PEYRATTE

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