Cirque de Seneuil

This "Espace Naturel Sensible" is a remarkable example of a dry abandoned meander in the valley of the Gâteau, a tributary of the Thouet. The very regular shape of the Cirque de Seneuil and its 30 m drop make it a very picturesque site. On Wednesday April 17, a nature outing is proposed (information in the pictures and in the Events section). To discover this site, you can take the "LE CHILLOU - LE CIRQUE DE SENEUIL" hike. Two small villages with charming churches, the ancient meander of the Vallée des Échasses, restored washhouses Access: 4 km south-east of St-Loup, 18 km north-east of Parthenay Start: Le Chillou church Distance: 13 km Time: 3 h 30 Signs: yellow.
This fact sheet can be downloaded free of charge from the Fédération départementale de la randonnée website:

Cirque de Seneuil Seneuil - 79600 LE CHILLOU

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