Château de Vermette

  • la-chapelle-gaudin-le-chateau-de-vermette.

The castle was built around 1520 by a certain Hugues Cartier, appointed receiver by Viscount Louis d'Amboise. It is surrounded by a moat more decorative than dissuasive. Built in 1520 in granite and metamorphic rock, with the exception of the tufa roof dormers and the steps of the spiral staircase in ammonite limestone from Thouars, the castle was burnt down during the Revolution and although the north wing remains more or less intact, ending with two decorative watchtowers, the east wing has been amputated. The castle of Vermette was listed as a historical monument on 29 December 1941.

Château de Vermette Château de Vermette - 79150 ARGENTONNAY

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