Château de Payré

  • Chateau-de-Payre-La-Peyratte

The castle is included in a polygonal space delimited by farm buildings. It dates from the end of the medieval period (15th-16th century) and has a fortified character. Its rear façade is flanked by two round towers at the corners. The courtyard façade has a central doorway topped by a moulded pediment. The chapel is attached to the main building. It is a rectangular building with a 14th century moulded roofing framework. The remains of the portal and the eastern bay can be seen in the masonry. This chapel is decorated with wall paintings (14th century) that are not very legible and from which stand out large standing figures (apostles? Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian?).

Château de Payré 7 Peyré - 79200 LA PEYRATTE

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