Château de la Roche

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Private ensemble dating from the 19th century in neo-Renaissance style and built in tuffeau. Work carried out between 1860 and 1862 brought to light an older building (probably from the 17th century), of which only the cellars remain. It is composed of a main building with a hexagonal off-work tower, and supported by two pavilions. The decoration is borrowed from the Renaissance repertory: windows framed with pilasters adorned with discs and capitals; stone tables between two moulded entablatures; dormer windows with hanging windows, the pilasters of which are topped by an entablature and a pediment gable framed with dampers. 17th century hangings in the north gallery. The ground-floor salons contain fireplaces and bloodstains on the theme of the hunt, attributed to Constantin Guys.

Château de la Roche La Roche - 79290 LORETZ-D’ARGENTON

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